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We clean all window treatments from drapes and cascades to Hunter Douglas shades and upholstery too. We are the first "On Site" cleaners in California to offer "Green Earth Cleaning" We clean with no dry cleaning odor. Deep cleaning sofas and removal of mites and stains from mattress' too! "On Site" means we go to you and clean where you are. No living in a fish bowl while drapes are at a dry cleaning plant. From homes to schools and hotels, we clean them all. We also apply water and stain repellants as well as fire retardent for stage drapes in public areas.


Established in 2002

We have been in the dry cleaning business since 1989 and I have seen drapes survive the cleaning process and others come out like shredded wheat. In 2002 we started a new cleaning process, injection/extraction. The least evassive way to clean.

Hunter Douglas Silouhettes
Hunter Douglas Luminette


I found out about Onsite through someone who used to clean my drapes who is no longer in  business.  Harry came and took a look at all I had to clean - drapes, roman shades, duettes, silhouettes- and told me he could clean everything here in the house (as opposed to having me take everything down and deliver to his shop).  I was thrilled and in addition had him clean upholstery (sofa, chairs and dining room chairs) that had not been cleaned in 20 years.  He was awesome!  Everything was done in a timely manner and things were really clean when he was done.  Also, fabrics on the upholstery were given a stain-repellant treatment.  The only problem is that my dining room table was accidentally damaged by a few drops of the product used to clean the drapes.   Harry was the one who noticed the damage and immediately set about finding a reputable woodworker  and he paid to have the table completely refinished. My dining room chairs, which are white, developed  a few  little rust spots on them (from our local water system, no doubt) and Harry returned, at no cost to me, to reclean them, this time using distilled water.  They turned out beautifully.   He was also willing to do a little repairwork on my duette shades which had split.  Now they should last a few more years, at least.

I highly recommend CleanDrapes on Site and particularly the owner, Harry, who is friendly, hard-working and extraordinarily ethical and honest - truly worth a fortune these days!


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